Café Brass is a modern, all-day restaurant embracing Victorian history and European culinary traditions to bring you classic, easy dining in a stylish, laid-back atmosphere. 

ILANEL was commissioned to design and fabricate all lights at this upmarket venue:

- Tree of Light, a multi tiered chandelier, featuring hand made brass branches and mouth blown glass shades. 

- Heavy Rain Wall Sconces at each side of the fireplace. 

- Heavy Rain Chandelier above the large meeting table. 

- The new Kahdu 412D handwoven lampshades in burnt orange at each of the four corners of the bar. 

- Nipple sconces, featuring heritage Deco glass shades.

- Golden pinspot pendants above the main dining area. 

- Golden 2m linear pendants above the secondary dining area. 

Lighting Design - Mint Lighting  

Photography by Ivan Lee/ IJ Production