Conceived from scientific and philosophical importance.

In central , western and southern parts of Australia, a black stone was revered as rare and much prized by the people of the land for its curative powers. Often with various purposes, they were looked upon as objects of magic and mystery, most commonly applied in sorcery or medical use. Commonly know as obsidian, the artefact is extraordinarily dark in colour, extremely brittle and highly reflective. They were gathered with respect for ceremonial and healing purposes, such as native psychotherapy.

Rituals of now, still practice in the transmission of message. An obsidian pendulum tied to an electrical cord suspended from a pivot can demonstrate the same rotation of Earth, the natural physics of gravity, period of oscillation, inertia, and even air drag - but all conclude toward an equilibrium position. Conversely, a thurible with burning incense is used to purify holy spaces and beckon the divine creator. Fundamentally, this revelation of ceremony gives evidence to neurological patterns of the right hemisphere as an ancient engraving of ghost lines that appear before time has stopped.

This unification of opposites, fields of knowledge and the polarised worldview of ILAN EL and GEORGE ANGELOVSKI profanely harmonises the study of mental functions and behaviour of light through ritual.

535 x 610mm fibre based photographic paper. 590 x 710mm framed. Set of 8. Edition of 1

Obsidian light pendulum. Set of 8. Edition of 1
110mm dia diamond drilled Obsidian sphere, fitted with a warm white LED, 3m flex and plug.