Last month ILANEL took part in the Melbourne Design Week with 'DEPARTURES' Exhibition.
Opening night, launched by Architect Charles Justin was a great success with hundreds of people coming to see the show.
Supernova captivated the crowds with its complexity of form and light play.
Our interactive eclipse - Ora, quickly became centre of attention, painting the gallery in coloured light.  
Special thankyou to the curator Eugenie Kawabata for her tremendous efforts in putting this fantastic exhibit together. 

Set within the context of a transit lounge, an installation of handmade objects. Departures is a design exhibition exploring the relationship between nature, old traditions and new futures.
Departures is a collaborative exhibition of works by Melbourne based designer makers; Eugenie Kawabata, Marc Pascal, Yan Huang and Ilan El.
Sound designer, Duane Morrison and photographer/video designer Adrian Lander, created the mood through sound and the moving image.

Heavy Rain Hex

ILANEL recently supplied a Heavy Rain Chandelier with the new Hexagonal ceiling base to a beautiful private residence in South Australia. The shimmering light drops glitter at night and add a soft metallic touch during the day, contrasting the natural brick wall. 

Ritz Carlton Astana, Kazakhstan

ILANEL's Rain Light Drops are heading to the Ritz Carlton in Kazakhstan.  Here's a sneak peek to this most recent commission of massive clusters adorning the hotel's bar.