We pride ourselves on our ability to work with a variety of materials. Timber is timeless, warm and versatile. Here are three stunningly different designs, Nu, Gaia and the planetary inspired Saturn.

Nu. An adjustable lighting piece inspired by the contemporary Japanese dance ‘Butoh’ – Four elongated rays of light representing limbs and joints, creating formations of expression linking body and mind in a form of dance with light.

Gaia philosophy (named after Gaia, Greek goddess of the earth) is a broadly inclusive term for related concepts that living organisms on a planet will affect the nature of their environment in order to make the environment more suitable for life. The Gaia light is made from sustainably sourced natural materials (pine, leather, felt) to support its philosophy.

A hand turned and stained plantation pine pendant inspired by the planet Saturn.
By projecting light rings on its surroundings Saturn creates a galactic light experience.