It's been a media love fest.

ILANEL wishes to thank the editors, writers & photographers for publishing some wonderful articles in the past few weeks. We at ILANEL are thankful for their support to small business & the Australian design community. If you haven’t yet seen the articles we are thrilled to share them with you here. 

The Local Project

“When people walk into my studio, I tell them that what they see here is a starting point for discussion,” he says. “It shows them that this is what I can do, but it doesn’t stop here.” He promises me that if I were to return in couple months, the place would look completely different. And I believe him."

Inside Out

"The most important thing I realised back then is that unlike any other object, luminaires have two states of existence: on and off. When off, it’s just another object in the space but when turned on, it comes to life and in turn lights our lives. It was literally a light-bulb moment; I saw the light and knew that lighting was what I wanted to do more of."

Meanwhile in Melbourne

"Ilan El is a trained architect who established his lighting studio seven years ago and has since found worldwide acclaim. He has designed lighting for an extensive range of projects, from private residential, hospitality and commercial spaces to special events such as the 2016 Save the Children Illumination Gala at The Plaza in New York."

Australian Design Review

"influences on my work are natural sciences (physics, chemistry, geology, biology). Although the road from the designer’s mind to the real world is rarely clear, for me, it is all about combining naturally inspired design with human inventiveness and creativity."

All that glitters is not gold. It's light.